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The brief variation: From 2009 to 2013, pro matchmakers JoAnn and Steve Ward managed VH1’s «Hard adore.» During the period of six conditions, this mother-and-son duo highlighted their own ability for motivating, suggesting, and often giving a real possibility check to people selecting really love. If not in program company, the duo operates Master Matchmakers to aid singles discover a relationship through matchmaking and day mentoring. Master Matchmakers provides tailored advice and vetted suits to singles all over the country. Now, the group in addition has innovated a mobile program also known as enjoy Lab that authenticates the identity of a stranger prior to going on a romantic date. In all respects of matchmaking, the Ward family members helps higher truthfulness and rely on.


In 2003, Steve Ward thought he was on his strategy to getting a good investment banker. He was 22, just out of school, and going to begin his job, but 1st he chose to assist his mother out along with her matchmaking business.

JoAnn Ward had a talent for dealing with people, however with technology. She was still utilizing processing cupboards, and her child wanted to update this lady to an online database and web site. He envisioned that it is an instant work. Next, when a prospective customer requested him for a male’s perspective, he carried out his first intake interview and started initially to suggest matches.

The guy met making use of the client and matched the lady upon a first day. She along with her go out struck it well and happened to be eventually interested become married. Steve’s 1st introduction ended up being a rousing achievements, and simply such as that he had been addicted.

A moment generation matchmaker and CEO at Master Matchmakers, Steve guides folks toward rewarding interactions with honesty and credibility. He or she is well-practiced at giving information to singles. Alongside their mommy, the guy co-authored a novel known as «Crash Course in Love.» In most his undertakings, the guy expectations to improve the matchmaking knowledge for singles.

Master Matchmakers performs personal interviews and criminal background checks to carefully get to know consumers before sending all of them from a date. Licensed mentors and certified therapists become private mentors and a passionate staff of regular matchmakers work side-by-side with these mentors to be certain conscientious, hand-selected introductions along with individualized information from decades of pro experience.

With the help of an extensively viewed TV show, «Hard adore,» this little local matchmaker broadened into a nationwide boutique, offering singles in every 50 states.

«We’re facing board anywhere from 20 to 40 new business four weeks now,» Steve said. «We have now developed into a full size service able to helping anyone who labors crazy.»

now, through innovation to improve the online dating life of singles, Steve provides pioneered a mobile software labeled as enjoy Lab, which will confirm someone’s picture, authenticate their identity with your own knowledge test or cell phone search, and work a criminal record search aswell.

«in a day and time of conference over mobile first about matchmaking, we designed Love Lab to produce rely on as a service for the entire matchmaking business,» Steve revealed, «but for those selecting a high-touch, personal experience we’re going to still give all of our best-in-class, individual training and pro matchmaking services.»

Steve and JoAnn Honed Their Date training through «Hard Love»

Upon joining Master Matchmakers, Steve used their business instinct, social instinct, and style for informing it think its great will be display everything a matchmaker could be and perform. Thus, he along with his family soon earned a lot publicity and interest, culminating in VH1’s fact tv series «Hard enjoy,» which ran for six conditions.

From 2009 to 2013, Steve and his mom hosted and produced this program about singles and couples in various phases of dating and union crises. They can be simple individuals who know how to get results.

«thanks really for directing myself over the ‘dating trip’ that generated Ryan. We are therefore happy. He adds such to my life that i’d not be able to produce alone. I never believed in soulmates before, but son are I a believer today!» — Maya, a Master Matchmakers customer

After season one, Steve respected the helpfulness of a love bootcamp, of reading from a person who will say to you the truth about yourself plus interactions. He decided to include a night out together mentoring service to complement and bolster their particular matchmaking.

«We wished to supply alternative methods we could include worth to someone’s sex life,» he informed you. «We started initially to establish a program that individuals thought ended up being very distinctive and customized, based on the method we were recognized for: hard love.»

The rise in popularity of the tv program therefore the development of online during the time enabled Master Matchmakers to syndicate their particular services across the country.

Date Coaching, Matching, and Vetting for folks in every 50 States

Master Matchmakers changed a great deal since 2003, whenever publishing and sending photographs via a pc was boring and complicated. In those days, it actually was a market standard that matchmakers would not show their clients photographs of these prospective time. The client was required to trust their particular professional evaluation of appeal and compatibility.

Now technological improvements allow Steve and his staff to dig further and provide much more than a photo. Down to the very last information, these matchmakers wish to know every little thing to make an informed match. A complete bio and background check is actually common functioning means of this proprietary matchmaker.

Delivering personalized solution on the entire country, the Ward family members has the ability to assist a huge selection of eligible singles select the person of these desires.

An egalitarian matchmaker, Steve rejects the thought of an antiquated enterprize model where guys shell out excessive rates to fulfill women who spend absolutely nothing. Master Matchmakers treats females rather and respectfully.

«I serve a top-quality lady,» Steve said. «I serve women who are very inspired, profitable, appealing, educated, and seeking to meet up with their particular equivalent or better.»

Date Coaching

In their time coaching, Steve places an emphasis on knowing opportunities being prepared for functioning on all of them. The guy encourages self-awareness, perhaps not self-consciousness. The guy discusses moving the paradigm and eliminating self-imposed barriers in order that the client is preparing to fulfill «usually the one.»

«My training gives them the ability to optimize the options that come their method also to notice those opportunities,» the guy demonstrated. «I’m a numbers guy, therefore it is everything about regularity and preparedness.»

He with his staff of informed coaches meet face-to-face to determine patterns, break terrible routines, and come up with a plan based on how to find, type, and sustain the commitment. It’s no wonder their site describes date coaches as «the sword and guard in your love life.»

«In most cases we simply work with helping folks expand their particular minds,» Steve mentioned, «to attempt to give consideration to exactly why it could work– maybe not exactly why it’s not going to operate.»


These matchmakers recommend for you. Their job will be organize introductions with compatible and vetted individuals. Consumers agree upon a specific amount of introductions beforehand, additionally the matchmakers develop a tailored method backed by decades of experience from inside the relationship video game.

«we are extremely tactical regarding it,» Steve stated, «therefore give feedback as you go along. We provide the customer real constructive critique they wouldn’t get virtually any method.»

Grasp Matchmakers just take their own time interviewing and receiving to understand their customers to enable them to make better fits. The point, Steve mentioned matter-of-factly, is to get eliminate the consumer by combining them up with a compatible match.

Often this simply means offering some advice (or a strongly worded truth check) to customers. The mentality regarding the single is simply as vital since individuality of the time.

Also essential, Steve told us, could be the ability to talk sensible expectations. «I discovered throughout the years to walk an excellent line between providing somebody wish and providing somebody delusions.»

Background Checks

Before taking on any client, Master Matchmakers carefully investigates see your face’s background. This consists of everything from social media marketing users to criminal background. The group has actually a wealth of data at their unique convenience to make certain that almost all their consumers are on the up and up.

«By far and out, we do have the biggest degree of immediate access to regulated data — above almost every other matchmaker in the nation,» Steve boasted. «We’re basically, regarding intents and purposes, exclusive detectives.»

Master Matchmakers just presents individuals after vetting their back ground. Anyone who signals on agrees to such an arrangement. Fostering confidence and honesty, these matchmakers make sure that their customers tend to be upstanding people worthy of getting matched up. This excellent function provides the team a competitive edge for singles wanting some extra safety and detailed investigation.

«we have incorporated some innovation during the last couple of years,» Steve mentioned. «enabling us accomplish our tasks more effectively and more effortlessly than other matchmakers nowadays.»

Love Lab Uses criminal record checks to Keep Daters Safe

Recently, Steve has taken on an ambitious venture, creating a dating source for singles. He is taken the verification technologies employed by Master Matchmakers and condensed it into a mobile app known as prefer Lab. Now anyone can go online to confirm the identification of a romantic date before meeting directly.

This is a significant item for singles which place themselves vulnerable by going on a night out together with somebody they don’t truly know.

«you want to be an index,» Steve revealed, «to make sure that dating pages and simply help folks increase importance away from each one of these apps and solutions.»

Really love Lab uses Master Matchmakers’ vetting methods to deliver the modern dater some comfort. Before going on a night out together, users can login to find out if someone else is actually exactly who they promise are (and whatever claim to resemble).  This no-cost mobile app was launched in September 2013 possesses already been broadening their reach from the time.

«We’re in the midst of an advancement of our product,» Steve mentioned. «you want to come to be an impartial confirmation solution for the whole dating market.»

The application lets customers self-verify their identification and look abreast of the identity of somebody else. Eventually you can enter a phone number, email address, or login name of a Love Lab profile to see if somebody you came across online had been validated. Every person must validate their details. You’ll be able to validate your own pictures, as an instance, by taking and uploading an instantaneous selfie to Love Lab that will be assessed and compared to the profile photographs for likeness.

With a comprehensive and conscientious verification process, these matchmaking innovators hope to create a product or service that reduces the dishonesty, fraud, and threat rampant in online dating sites.

«I am not thus worried about producing a lot of cash overnight. I am actually trying to build a site that individuals are going to want to make use of and suggest — and a service that eliminates a really significant issue.»

The Master Matchmakers Team Provides a Close-Knit, group Feel

Master Matchmakers is a family-run company. JoAnn Ward is the President, her son may be the CEO, and her girl will be the Executive Director of Client Relations. A lot of their particular matchmakers and time coaches have been together with the business for many years as they are seriously dedicated to the prosperity of every client.

«We operate Master Matchmakers like children. We a very boutique-style approach,» Steve revealed, incorporating, «My personal mother features usually asserted that the one thing that innovation can’t replace is individual solution.»

JoAnn has a radiant character that establishes the tone for the organization in general. The Ward household is focused on advising it adore it is and helping people when you are immediate.

«We simply take an equal share on the responsibility for the organization,» Steve mentioned, «but she’s much more associated with manufacturing the achievements within client’s lives.»

Recently, Steve has brought more of a step right back from customer work to concentrate on the advancement of the Master Matchmakers business and expansion regarding the like Lab application. He lets their mother use the reins regarding the customer side, while they don’t really always concur in regards to the correct approach.

«There is disagreements regarding our very own consumers continuously actually,» he stated good-naturedly. «When we disagree, though, i allow her to win because we made a great deal in the past that she would have last suppose in matchmaking business and that I might have final suppose on enjoyment undertakings.»

That arrangement seems to be good for all involved â€” this mother-son team balances both over to give daters individualized assistance and technical convenience.

Triumph is actually Measured by How Happy the Clients Are

Over recent years, Steve provides observed numerous success stories of delighted couples whom came across, fused, and found love owing to Master Matchmakers. Their particular customer ratings page is filled with reviews from happy customers.

«let me believe that 99percent of the people exactly who hired myself should do every thing once more,» he stated, «and that I’m pleased with that.»

He informed you about a particular girl who had been wise and effective but in necessity of some assistance in her own romantic life. Steve took the girl on as a client and started training the lady are even more open-minded. The guy matched the lady with some unmarried men but hadn’t located a fantastic match.

To increase understanding of the woman personality, Steve requested the girl to produce an individual guide page. Her feedback surprised him. «She thought comfortable enough to visit an ex who had been currently remarried,» he recalled. «She truly opened up to him and let him know that she actually is dealing with this experience, doing some soul-searching and showing about what she could carry out differently in order to meet ‘the one.'»

Her ex ended up providing the lady path back to love. The guy recommended she meet a buddy of his. The catch was actually that friend lived in Seattle while she lived-in New York. However, she’d been coached is open-minded to possibilities, very she decided to give it the possibility. After a number of successful times, she ended up thinking of moving be nearer to this guy, who is today the woman fiancé.

«She provided me with this stunning recommendation for meeting this person,» Steve mentioned. «that i really could ultimately influence some body to make certain that, actually without introducing her to ‘the one,’ she however credits me — to me, this is certainly one thing to end up being pleased with.»

Master Matchmakers Blends private Service With Technology

Instead to become a financial investment banker, Steve Ward has actually made use of his talents as an entrepreneur, representative, matchmaker, and go out advisor to drive Master Matchmakers in to the technical get older. Their freshly developed application, appreciate Lab, is the next thing in supplying singles a safe internet dating planet with total background records searches.

«we are in a position to explore individuals history really carefully — even more completely than just about any various other matchmaker on the market,» Steve said. «I in essence shrunk that technology into prefer Lab, but Master Matchmakers however makes use of it for our customers’ purposes besides.»

With initial advice, hand-picked matches, and verified dates, Steve looks to corner the market on dating from beginning to end.

«the focus is truly to be able to supply beneficial resources to people from inside the whole dating ecosystem,» he mentioned. When the high praises of his former consumers are any indicator, he is already been immensely profitable up to now.

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